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If you observed, you’ll see that all our beats comes with only one stock, i.e it is made only for one buyer. Once you buy any of our beats it becomes SOLD to you and unavailable for others.


Now that you have decided on which beat you want to buy… Allow me to be your guide!

  • Click on the beat you want to buy.
  • Select Add to Cart
  • Click on the Check Out
  • Enter your contact information on the Check Out page.
  • Select on Paystack as the payment gateway way.

You will be presented with a secured form from Paystack, go ahead and enter your card details.

Please note that online payments on our site ( are handled by Paystack, a very secured payment gateway and your card details are well protected and secured against any online theft. Furthermore we do not store nor see the information you entered via your debit or credit card.

You can as well process your transactions from any country with any currency as the stipulated amount will be converted according to the actual amount in Naira.

  • Click on pay.

Once your transaction is successful, you will automatically receive the full beat (wav. file) on your email and on your account.


For more inquiries please contact our shop manager on 09051805995, or email: [email protected].


For offline orders,

Kindly send a mail to [email protected].


Happy shopping!

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